Wednesday, November 11, 2015

New trend in design: Dust-free redesign

As residential properties in Hong Kong remain small yet high in prices, trends in interior design also turn towards remaking homes without knocking down any walls. Clifton Leung, creative director and founder of Clifton Leung Design Workshop has discussed this recent trend of dust-free redesign and how people prefer to redesign their homes without wasting new materials and moving walls.

However, sometimes it is not easy to redesign old buildings without knocking down walls. One reason is the space layouts of the older buildings are not as functional as the newer buildings. In order to redesign them in the purpose of matching with our ways of living, interior designers nowadays try to redecorate those spaces with the least costs for their clients.

Construction-free design also encourages more creativity and individuality in the design itself. Clifton noted that those designs are not about re-designing a space anymore. It is about how to decorate the interior in ways that could increase spaces and make a living space suitable to the clients. Create designs that could fit the clients’ styles of living is essential. For example, clever use of different colors on walls as well as lighting could enhance characterization in design as well as living space. Clifton noted that instead of wallpapering the entire room, the use of feature walls could be a nice choice. Also, the use of Philips’ color-changing, mood altering Hue in replace of a single light source for a room could create a different mood and style to the interior space.

In recent years, Clifton has given construction-less design treatment to various projects. In one project for a small flat, he exploited the simple yet detailed Zen style concept as he used a raised floor to increase more bedroom space. From concept to completion of construction, one project only takes few months. It is time saving as well as cost saving to the clients.

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