Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Breathing Space

For interior designers, redesigning layouts that help owners make the best use of their house is their main goal. In a recent project for a Mid-Levels home, Clifton has applied the open- design concept to a boxy home to create a warm and open living area for the owners. The original boxy layout minimizes the penetration of natural light into most of the rooms which makes the space look dark and gloomy. To solve this problem, Clifton knocks out many of the non-structural walls and uses glass dividers to let in the light and create an open living area. He also removes the corridor and makes more storage space for wardrobes in the bedrooms. Besides adding walk-in wardrobes, creating bespoke storage boxes on wheels underneath the cabinets also provide more storage areas without wasting space.

The owners of the house also prefer simple home design that reflects their own identity. By juxtaposing the white-and-wood décor with the owners’ existing furniture and lighting, Clifton creates a laid back and relaxed ambience to the interior and personalizes it to fit the owners’ styles. While attempting to make the most of natural light, Clifton also adds in some spotlights and indirect lighting to give an airy feeling to the clean and calm atmosphere of the rooms.

With various high-end home appliances and furniture, such as the fridge from Siemens, wine fridge from Vintec, the pendent lamp over the dining table from Zodiac, sanitary ware from Villeroy & Boch and tub from Gessi, this is a home-sweet-home where everyone can find their private space to invigorate and indulge in.

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