Monday, November 30, 2015

A stretch of the imagination

Clifton recently has designed an interior layout for a petite Sai Ying Pun flat. Although it is often challenging for interior designers to work with smaller interior space, Clifton enjoys it as he finds ways to transform the small area to a functional and stylish space.

For this project, Clifton wants the owner to experience different living spaces instead of one big room. Clifton uses a few open-design ideas that balance well between privacy and openness in space. By opening the flat and using a long sliding wall as partition between the living room and bedroom, Clifton gives flexibility to the apartment layout as the bedroom can be closed off from time to time. Moreover, the kitchen is transformed to be a semi-open space which is separated from the entrance by a floor-to-ceiling cabinet. The owners can have individual privacy at different locations and also enjoy a huge spacious living area when the partitions open up.

Clifton also attempts to create more storage space for the small flat by building a raised platform in the bedroom. The oak wood platform can be used for multiple purposes such as a bench or a desk. Besides the platform, Clifton uses similar smooth surfaces such as white-stained oak wood and laminated plywood for the sliding doors and cabinets to create a “simple gallery feel” to the interior space. The owner is pleased with the result as the redesigned space is a comfortable place where he can enjoy spending time in.


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