Tuesday, December 1, 2015

British- and Indian-inspired Home

Clifton recently designed a British- and Indian-inspired interior space for an Indian family who has stayed in UK for a long period of time. As the clients want a design that embraces traditional as well as modern minimalist elements, Clifton comes up with a few design ideas that combine the two completely different styles. He uses a series of vivid hand-painted wallpapers which gives a vibrant yet elegant ambience to the living room. This wallpaper design continues to the master bedroom as well as the son’s room as Clifton adds lively red and blue wallpaper with patterns of nature such as birds and trees on the walls. In addition to the hand-painted wallpapers, the intricate Indian display pieces beside the television also give the space a cultural Indian feel.

In contrast with the hand-painted wallpapers, Clifton places two large English sofas in the living room to highlight the elegant English style. He incorporates a long wooden table with a simple design in the dining area which matches well with the room’s minimalist décor. The side hall between the living and dining rooms also serves as a place for having English afternoon tea. By using the display of classic English teaware pieces, the kitchen retains a traditional classy style of design. Light plywood cabinets and desks are widely used in the bedrooms to give the interior a natural and soothing atmosphere in comparison to the rich and colorful Indian style.

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