Thursday, December 3, 2015

Over down under

Clifton recently renovated a Mid-Levels flat for the Lee family from Australia. As the family of five is larger than the average, Clifton and his team want to design an interior layout that work for every family member. Clifton creates a flow of space from one living areas to the next by opening up the living and dining areas. Considering that a certain degree of privacy is required when the children have grown up, Clifton used sliding doors to separate the bedrooms and the kitchen from the living areas. The children can enjoy their own time in their rooms and smells from the kitchen can also be contained.

As Lee the owner wants to keep some existing elements from their old house, Clifton suggest a suitable layout as well as wallpapers, color palette and curtains that match with their existing furniture and possessions.

Like most of the designs from Clifton, the renovated apartment is simple yet functional. Clifton places light grey sofa and olive leather sofa from Lounge Designer Furniture in the living areas to create a simple yet modern interior. Clifton spends a lot of time on the bathrooms to make them look clean and relaxing and also functional. By incorporating a sunken bath into a large shower stall, he succeeds in creating a spa-like mood with the addition of soft-blue lighting. The bathroom interior also showcases decorations such as the Nefertiti gold patterned vase from Lane Crawford and the gold candleholders from The Candle Company.

The Lee family is pleased with the result as the renovated home is a modern and simple. It is a place where all members can enjoy and live in it.

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