Saturday, November 14, 2015

‘Less is More’- Natural Simplicity Oct 8 2015 Issue

When interior designers create designs for their clients, they strive to think beyond and create innovative designs that could be timeless. In a recent interview, Clifton has discussed his ways of creating designs that could strike a balance between the principal of innovation and timelessness.  

One of his methods to achieve this is to use neutral colors palette such as white, black or earth tones as base, and infuse accents with simple yet practical decorations and furniture. Besides simplicity, Clifton also emphasized environmental friendliness in his designs. He often includes the use of LED lights in his projects to reduce energy consumption and natural wood and green plants to give a cozy and warm ambience to the space.

Clifton’s favorite residential project that he designed is the Yu Fung Building Project which features an open door plan design. Compared to other designs, Open design such as replacing walls with curtains and incorporating an open kitchen has a few advantages. It promotes family bonding as the space becomes more integrated and spacious visually. On the other hand, designing homes without re-layout is also the recent trend. To make a big difference with the smallest changes in layout, Clifton recommended the use of bi-function door or built-in- furniture to maximize the space without re-layout and moving walls.

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