Thursday, November 12, 2015

Making Small Spaces Look Bigger

As many flats in Hong Kong are relatively small in size, it is not surprising that many people in Hong Kong hope that their small home could look bigger in size without moving any walls. Clifton has discussed in a recent interview that indeed many clients nowadays want designers to make more space within an existing layout.  Clifton has suggested a few techniques in doing so. 

“floating” furniture & storage platforms

By elevating or “floating” furniture such as wardrobe or seating bench of the room or using storage platforms or steps as drawers to create a tatami-style bed, the room could look bigger with more floor space. “Floating” furniture could minimize interruption to one's natural line of sight when viewing a room. Moreover, storage platforms increase storage and occasionally work as built-in designer furniture as well, provide seating for a lower desk. 

Clifton also noted that by using glass walls or adding window to the internal wall, the room could look more spacious as the visual flow is continued from other rooms. On the other hand, hanging curtains or blinds well above window tops could give one an illusion of a higher wall height. Besides furniture and storage arrangement, color also affects the ambience of the room. A lighter color of floor materials with raw finish or a light wax cover is highly recommended.

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