Wednesday, October 19, 2011

HOME THEATER for movies, concerts, musicals

What is your ideal HOME THEATER looks like ?

HOME THEATER should have furniture for maximum comfort but it should also create a theater mood not sleepy mood.

My AUDIO PARADISE of my projects:

THREE crucial elements for a "Home Theater" : FURNITURE / LIGHTING / AUDIO & VISUAL EQUIPMENTS

1. Go with armchairs
- It is harder to fall in temptation of falling asleep. And a set of theater armchairs will also add to the theater atmosphere.

2. Large pillows and puffy thick mats
- Provide a sense of freedom and can bring people closer together.

3. Lighting does add to the atmosphere of your home theater. You can also use light in the special niches in the wall featured across the room.

4. Sound proof features
- Loud music can all be silenced or at least muffled to tolerable levels with certain techniques and materials below.

Expert Advise :

** Install an acoustic diffuser, which helps maintain the acoustic energy in a room and at the same time removing strong echoes, you can enjoy your favourite movies or music in a better sound treatment.
** Keep in mind that soundproofing is more effective, easier to install and less expensive when installed in new construction.

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