Wednesday, October 26, 2011

WALL arts at HOME !

WALLS need decoration ! You can use your own creative ideas to create a unique look for your home !

The walls of your home represent your largest interior space and color is everything when it comes to setting the right tone for your walls.

 There are different design options of wall coverings. Textures, patterns, colorful, 3D effects.

It varies from textures to colors and hues to sheen and finish.

They can decorate the room in an instant and play the role as wall art or missing parts of decor like a bed headboard or shelving.

Photos, artworks, dishes, shelves, mirrors and many others can be arrange to make a feature wall.

For childs, Removable wall art is an easy idea on how to create a unique look for the room and yet give you flexibility to remove it at a later time when your child gets older. Besides being easy, removable wall stickers can be easily tied in to the decorating theme of the room.

Alternative ideas:  Home Decorating MESSAGE BOARD

There’re lots to do with this message board! Make it a functional and fun corner at your home

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