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No man is an island: ways to make your island kitchen the heart of your home

It all begins in the kitchen, where families create wonderful memories. Whether your family is one that enjoys hearty warm meals or you’re more of the chillax sort that relax and chat over drinks, we’ve got an island kitchen idea for you.

For large families or those that enjoying inviting friends over, consider attaching a large dining table to your island kitchen, so you guys can enjoy a cosy, comfy meal together.
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The island kitchen-cum-dining table here makes dining a fun and convenient affair for everyone.
With the dining table attached to the island, serving is made easy: those preparing at the kitchen can simply pass along the dishes to those at the dining area. The bench seating also makes dining warmer and more intimate as you share good times over good food. The cosy design of the island kitchen and dining table is complemented by warm shades of brown and yellow, as well as warm lighting.

For the chic couples or friends who like to chill out over a good drink, you can have a slimmer and taller island.
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Not only is the structure of the island here conducive for a post-meal drink or an early morning bite for the always-on-the-go millennial, it also has a sleek and minimalist design, perfect for the style-conscious Hongkongers.
For families who look to cook together, functionality is important in the kitchen.
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The island here is large and there’s sufficient space around it to allow the whole family to cook together. The kitchen also features a skylight right above the island, which draws light into the originally dark kitchen, making cooking more comfortable.
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Similarly, the island here is not only chic, but also functional, with its large area and abundant moving space surrounding it. The kitchen originally featured a beam, which made the space cramped. The skylight not only creates an illusion of a bigger space, but also brings light into the kitchen.
Who says islands have to be rectangular? Play around with different shapes when designing your island.
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Here, we have an oval island, which is not only fun and whimsical, but also child-friendly with its round edges. The design here also makes full use of a pillar in the kitchen’s layout by turning it into a feature.
Many a time, apartments in Hong Kong are too small for an island, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on that idea. Consider having a semi-closed kitchen.
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The semi-open kitchen here features an island, with movable glass panels, which give you versatility. Transform from a semi-opened kitchen with a functional island to a closed kitchen, especially when you’re cooking and do not want the smoke to get out of the kitchen. This semi-open design is also suitable for those with children, as parents can monitor kids with the movable glass panels either open or closed.
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The semi-open kitchen here not is not only versatile but also chic, with the cabinets and marble-topped island from The Galley. When combined with the white colour scheme, the semi-open design helps bring light into the kitchen, and makes the space appear bigger.
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The asymmetrical island here is not only sleek, but also a storage solution for space-starved Hong Kong homes. The front drawers of the islands can be used to store items like shoes, while the back cabinets can be used to store kitchenware. The height of the island also makes it suitable as a breakfast bar.

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