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Aero trolley: space saver for Hong Kong homes

Upgrade your space-starved home with an aero trolley

Bring travel into your home with a meal cart-inspired storage solution

Lack of space is common in Hong Kong, so we have to be smart in picking furniture. An aero trolley is the perfect solution. Not only is it compact, with four wheels, it’s also mobile and versatile.

According to the space saver’s designer, Clifton, the aero trolley is inspired by his passion for traveling. A jetsetter, Clifton was flying when he noted how space-saving and functional meal carts were in the airplane galley. The travel addict then found ways to adapt these meal carts to homes.

Like meal carts, Clifton’s aero trolleys can also customized to feature a cooling system. But they are not just for the kitchen. For example, they can also be used for serving snacks during movie time. The trolleys’ functionality—being compact and coming with many compartments—and chic design also make them suitable for all around the house. Let’s take a look at how to incorporate them into different rooms.

The aero trolley is particularly suitable for a kitchen with limited space. Remove clutter and open up your kitchen by hiding away kitchenware and snacks in the meal cart.

Being movable also makes the trolley a versatile furniture piece. In this design, people sitting at the dining table near the trolleys can have more space by moving the trolleys to another space while enjoying the meal. If you need more space to open the trolleys, they can also be moved to another part of the kitchen.

Design-wise, the metallic surface of the aero trolleys goes well with the electric appliances, giving the space an industrial aesthetic.

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Here, the aero trolleys fit seamlessly into the kitchen as they are complemented by a silver-toned futuristic design, creating a specially designed bar area. The aero trolleys are stored inside a customized fitting space, resembling aero trolleys stored in the food preparation area on the plane, before stewards serve food during meal time. When you need to use the items in the aero trolley, simply roll it out—like what the stewards do. Fuss-free and convenient, the trolleys also allow you to embrace your inner air steward side.

The unique design of an aero trolley makes it perfect as a centrepiece of your room. Here, a red aero trolley is contrasted with a minimalist design, allowing the movable storage solution to be a conversation topic and adding character to the room.

Who says aero trolleys are only for food storage? It can be a cheeky addition to any travel lover or adventure seeker’s room.

With many compartments, the trolley is can help your little one store and tidy their belongings, while its versatility gives you the flexibility to change the design of your kid’s room as he or she grows up, as its mobility and stylish design mean it can easily fit into any living space.

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