Wednesday, October 3, 2012

About the City Resort – Residence Bel-Air

Interior Design by Clifton Leung - Bel-Air - Balcony
Interior Design by Clifton Leung - Bel-Air - Balcony with magnificent sea view

Interior Design by Clifton Leung - Bel-Air - Living Room with natural materials like bamboo and wood

This project was started with a clear mission – to create a resort home for a couple who practice yoga and enjoy the spa life. As the location of the project has a magnificent and undisturbed sea view, this became the perfect inspiration for the “resort” theme design. Natural materials like sand stone, pebbles, slate, bamboo and wood have been used throughout, and special textured walls were used to blur boundaries between inside and out. Balcony shutters, an extra-large day bed in the study plus yoga room for exercise, meditation and massage – all help to create a relaxing resort feel. This is further enhanced by an open bathroom with the custom-made natural slate bath tub and shower area.

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