Monday, February 29, 2016

Art attack: home makeover ideas for art buffs

With the Hong Kong Arts Month coming up, events like Art Basel and Art Central are set to land in the city. Art lovers, are you inspired to add an aesthetic touch to your living space? Here are some quick tips on how to bring art into your home, whether you’re planning a major revamp with an art piece as a centrepiece or incorporating a few art works into your interior’s original design.

If you’re a fan of contemporary art works, we suggest a minimalist décor so you can let your art piece take centre stage and be the conversation starter.

This clean and simple design allows Andy Warhol's Campbell's Soup Cans, one of the most famous pop art pieces in history, to shine. Choosing which part of the house to put your art work is important too. Here, Clifton cheekily placed the ‘soup cans’ in the kitchen, so that not only are your olfactory and gustatory senses tantalised, you can also have a feast for the eyes. For a more cohesive design, pick a colour from the art piece and add it to a piece of furniture. Here, the bar table features a whimsical pinkish red shade inspired by the bright and lively reds and pinks in the art work.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016


How big is the average Hong Kong house?

*Average new home size around the globe in square feet

There is never going to be enough storage in the average Hong Kong home. EVERY INCHES COUNTS! Here are a few useful tricks in conjuring storage when interior space is tight.

1/ Sliding Fun! Originally a two-bedroom-apartment, Clifton opened up this 452 sq. ft. space using sliding doors. Pushed fully opened, the apartment becomes one open-plan room. When increased privacy desired, sliding the panels of the wall back into place creates a clear division between communal and private spaces.

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Clifton Leung Design Workshop official